'A young man finds himself caught up in a modern witchcraft sect after meeting his dream girl on a social networking site.'

The Invoked is a dark, psychological horror/drama feature film aimed at an international audience of 15+. The film is the first formal collaboration between multi-award winning Director David Cave and Big Brain Films (trading name of Aria Film Consultancy Limited).


The film implements recognisable characters living in modern society in order to investigate both the unspoken existence of underground Cults that continue to operate on the fringes of contemporary humanity and examine relationships - social networking and familial - gone wrong in a world obsessed by technology.

In the vein of Rural Gothic films such as Kill List, Unfriended, Satan’s Slave and Orphan, The Invoked aims to examine the central themes of identity, family, mental illness and relationships in a fresh fusion of old and new world attitudes and practices.